Nooe ParkNooe ParkIn 2014, Pittsboro Presbyterian Church dedicated the Nooe Memorial Park to the Glory of God, the benefit of the church, and to the use of our community. The park is equipped with electric and water, a brick patio, sitting areas, and a wonderful view of downtown Pittsboro. It is our hope and pleasure that the church, community, and interested persons use the park for personal enjoyment, sharing of gifts meant to encourage healthy community gathering, as well as a space for public worship and prayer. Annually, we host church meetings, prayer gatherings, special worship services, and occasional fellowship in the park. If you would like to reserve the park for a special purpose, please call our Church Office at 919-542-4702. The Nooe Park is adjacent to Hwy. 64 Business, just between the main church building and the histoNooe Park on Pittsboro Christmas Parade DayNooe Park on Pittsboro Christmas Parade Dayric Courthouse.