Many from the congregation continue to call and check on one another. In addition to the pastor, Pittsboro Presbyterian Church utilizes eight “shepherds” to check in with our church family on a regular basis. You can help reach out to others in our congregation through prayer, our directory, and contacting the pastor.

Latest Updates
    • JoAnne’s brother suddenly got worse and passed away from non-Covid related illness. JoAnne and Dick’s family appreciate our continued compassionate prayers.
    • Praying for Bobbie’s friend Karen’s mom, Mrs. Froment, who has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia that doesn’t look good
    • Becky Peer’s sister, Wendy Bowman (alzheimers and lost best friend) 
    • David Beck (Betsy Cockman’s brother) fell from a roof and and broke bones in at least half a dozen places. Prayers for continued healing and help.
    • Keith Graham passed away May 28th. His graveside service is 11am June 1 at Hanks Chapel.
    • Welford Harris fell and broke his hip. Prayers for healing as he recuperates in UNC Chatham hospital after hip surgery!
    • Praying for Geneva’s mother, Leah, having very bad migrain headaches.
    • Susan Eckblad’s young grandson, Ansel’s surgery has been moved to May 18 in hopes that he can recover from surgery and an infection, get new prosthetics and hopefully walking again in July.
    • We pray for TeAnna (newborn twins are healthy), who lost her grandmother, Ms. Geraldine DeGraffenreidt Thursday morning at the Laurels.
    • Prayers for a single mother (friend of Jerome’s) who died of heart-attack, leaving a 15 year old and 12 year old
    • Praising God for Roy’s good outpatient procedure. Also praying for continued recovery of Bonnie McCarthy (Patricia’s family) who is back at home recuperating from kidney infection.
    • Prayers for Shirley Lindley’s family. Shirley passed away May 12.
    • We pray for Judith and Rick Gage (affiliate members in NY) for the devastating loss of their son to a rare cancer on Valentine’s Day.
    • We pray for the Schmidt family. Terry Schmidt’s mother passed away…she was over 100.
    • We pray for Pamela & her family and thank God for the life of our dear brother Charlie Kirk who passed early in the morning April 8th.
    • We pray for Helene Staley, who lost her dear cat, Clemente; and Heather Gerni, who lost her dear cat, Phoebe.
    • We continue to pray for our members who are out of work and the continuing number we hear who are out of work
    • We continue to pray for those who are “on the front lines” working more than usual with more stress and less support and more exposure to others.
    • We pray for CORA food pantry, Hospitals, Grocery Stores and other organizations doing their very best to attend to the many needs of our sisters and brothers. May God continue to help us all creatively share resources with one another so that everyone has what they need.
    Prayers for Members and Attenders

    Jean Fesperman (Cambridge Hills) ✦ Shirley Lindley (very weak, appreciates your loving prayers) ✦ Keith Graham  ✦ Diana Haywood ✦ Roy Forrest ✦  Members & family who are losing their jobs because restaurants are take-out only ✦ Geneva (working 12hr night shifts) ✦ Pamela Prentice and her family (Charlie’s passing)  ✦  Jose (beloved aunt passed)  ✦  Schmidt family (Terry’s beloved mother passed)  ✦  Gage family (beloved son passed)  ✦  TeAnna Smith’s family (birth of twins & loss of grandmother, Ms. Geraldine DeGraffenreidt) ✦ Welfred Harris

    Prayers for Family and Friends

    Geneva Mansfield ✦ Sammy Baggett (Millie Cason’s grandson) ✦ Diane Tilgner ✦ Julia Leonard ✦ Jackson Family (Diana Haywood’s friend)  ✦ Sarah Harlan (Diana Haywood’s niece) ✦ Mino & Tony Figueroa (Efrain Ramirez’s sister and brother-in-law) ✦ Roberta Marasca ✦ Lincoln Family (Farrell’s friends) ✦ Rich & family (Evan’s friend who lost father) ✦ Ellen Grand’s mother, Sara McDonald ✦ Terry Peer (Becky Peer’s mother on hospice) ✦ Cathy & her cousin’s family ✦ Frank Gailor’s kids and Cindy Watkins’ kids (medical fields) and Ayaka in Japan who survived Covid-19 ✦ Thanks to God for Martha Adcox’s grandchild being safely born  ✦  Trent’s family & Eric Dross’ family (Don’s colleague & friend) ✦ Linda & Andy Sessoms’s son, David (active military) ✦ Susie Eckblad’s young grandson Ansel (surgeries) ✦ Charlie Cooper’s sister’s mother-in-law (100+ bad fall) ✦ Cubby Parker’s family (friend of Harris’ & Sullivans) ✦ Bonnie McCarthy (Roy & Patricia’s family) ✦ Dick Jackson (JoAnne’s brother) ✦ Wendy (Jerome’s friend) died of heart attack leaving 2 kids ✦ Geneva’s mother, Leah (feeling better) ✦ Rev. Stephen Herring (friend of Judi) ✦ Roy Lawson (Sessoms family) ✦ David Beck (Betsy Cockman’s brother) ✦ Alicia (Lindy & Richard’s daughter)

    Celebrating the Birthdays of

    Harry Buzhardt ✦ Neil Barnes ✦ Ben Spradley ✦ Ashley Whitaker ✦ Stuart Smith ✦ Jan King  

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