Many from the congregation continue to call and check on one another. In addition to the pastor, Pittsboro Presbyterian Church utilizes eight “shepherds” to check in with our church family on a regular basis. You can help reach out to others in our congregation through prayer, our directory, and contacting the pastor.

(last update 12/1/21)

Our Members & Attendees

  • Richard Peterson

  • Ellen Grand (Lymes)

  • Brian Harbour and family (loss of his father)

  • Cindy Watkins and family for loss of her mother

  • Becky Fricke and family for the loss of Kit

  • Andy Sessom’s sister

  • Bill Browder (broken hip, surgery)

  • Jerome Huneycutt’s family

  • Brian Harbour’s family

  •  McNeill family (Jennifer’s uncle passed)

  • Roy Forrest

  • Helene’s sister, Nicole

  • Corkey Harris

  • Several of us dealing with immense grief

Family & Friends

  • Debbie’s mother 
  •  Efrain’s sister’s family, the Figueroas 
  •  Bonnie Walsh (Karen Wolfe’s friend)  
  •  Tatiana (Karen Wolfe’s friend)  
  •  Helen Moody (Linda Sessoms) 
  •  Kathy Wit Young (JoAnn & Sally’s friend) 
  •  Carolyn Patterson’s husband 
  •  Helen (Corkey’s friend) 
  •  Hope (Bobbie) 
  •  Jerome’s sister, Carolyn 
  •  Diana Haywood’s sister Sue 
  •  Mitch & Barbara (Diana’s friends) 
  •  Cynthia Manning (Efrain’s friend) 
  •  “Jack” (JoAnnes friend) 
  •  Heilman family (Carol Windsor’s friend) 
  •  Clint Bryan’s family (Graham Moore’s friend) 
  •  Connie Bray, Jerome’s friend 
  •  Roy Forrest’s dear friend, John Green 
  •  Christy D. (Bobbie’s friend) 
  •  Susan Gray (Blanche’s neighbor) 
  •  Cherie (Alex Buob’s friend) 
  •  JoAnne’s nephew, Rob 
  •  people in Afghanistan 
  •  Sierra Leone

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