Many from the congregation continue to call and check on one another. In addition to the pastor, Pittsboro Presbyterian Church utilizes eight “shepherds” to check in with our church family on a regular basis. You can help reach out to others in our congregation through prayer, our directory, and contacting the pastor.

Latest Updates

(last update 6/2/21)

  • Helene’s sister, Nicole
  • Connie Bray, Jerome’s friend (urgent need of transplant) 
  • Brady Haak’s father, Dana (stroke), and whole family as Brady’s uncle died quite unexpectedly.
  • James & family of Christina Carr, previous neighbor of Geneva
  • Family of Tommy Edwards who passed away Saturday 5/22
  • Family of Mark Donaldson
  • Corkey Harris (treatments working!)
  • Roy Forrest’s dear friend, John Green 
  • Becky Peer (knee coming along well)
  • Karen Wolfe has lost her cousin unexpectedly to undetected cancer. Your prayers are needed for Karen and her extended family in the midst of such painful loss.
  • Diana’s friend, Faye’s loved ones, after Faye’s passing. 
  • Cathy Whitaker’s sister, Rhonda (back at school)
  • Jerome’s friend Bill Floyd needs urgent prayers. 
  • Bill Browder and family with the loss of Paula 
  • Don McNeill’s brother’s stepson, Brent, in rehab from open-heart surgery. 
  • Evan’s mother, knee replacement (going well). 
  • Emma Hemphill and family (Emily’s friend)
  • John Smith (Evan’s friend)
  • Miss Ann (Bobbie’s friend)
  • Christy D. (Bobbie’s friend)
  • Susan Gray, Blanche’s neighbor
  • Karen Wolfe (back to work after rehab)
  • Cherie (Alex Buob’s friend)
  • Steve Cockman 
  • Pray for JoAnne’s sister, Sally 
  • Cates family for their loss of Jerry
  • Reba Sullivan & family for the loss of Lee
  • Geneva Lester & family for the loss of her cousin Landon
  • Jerry Grand & family whose mother passed
  • JoAnne’s nephew, Rob
  • Several of us dealing with immense grief
Continued Prayers
  • Alex Buob’s dear friend
  • Jason Keck (Crazy Bear) who recently lost his father to Covid-19
  • Diana Haywood lost beloved dog, Zoe
  • Emily’s friend, Emma (miracles happening, but keep up prayers)
  • Thanks for Cathy Whitaker’s sister’s good news
  • Becky & family whose mother passed
  • Jerome & family whose sister passed
  • Cindy Watkins’ mother who fell and broke her legs and is now in a rehab facility
  • Jessica Kleboe after losing her loved one, Trey
  • Jessica K.’s friends Ashley and 10 yr-old son Kobe
  • Charles Wolfe after his father, Tom, passed
  • Efrain R.
  • Roy F.
  • Jerry Cates (Reba’s neighbor)
  • Former member Jan Misenheimer, who just lost her 92-year-old mother, Anna Mohler
  • Jerome’s friend, Crystal, and especially her friend’s kids, aunt & family
  • Jerome’s friend, Crystal’s daughter, who is being treated for burns on back and arms
  • Breanna
  • Richard’s brother David and his family who lost a relative to Covid-19 and has other family members in Covid hotspots
  • Geneva & family – health, beloved dog passed
  • Blanche and Charlie’s friend, Anita, who has stage-4 colon cancer
  • Efrain’s dear friend, Roberta
  • Mrs. Froment, mother of Bobbie’s friend
  • Karen, who has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia
  • Many still suffering displacement and damage from wildfires.
  • Government Leadership
  • The many talented people who have lost their jobs due to Covid impacts as we trust in God’s sovereignty to strongly help

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