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Many from the congregation continue to call and check on one another. In addition to the pastor, Pittsboro Presbyterian Church utilizes eight “shepherds” to check in with our church family on a regular basis. You can help reach out to others in our congregation through prayer, our directory, and contacting the pastor.


Latest Updates
  • Charlie K. was transferred to Hillsoboro UNC facility geriatric unit Friday to keep him further away from the virus. There has been some improvement with his infection but he’s currently having trouble swallowing, so they’re giving nutrients through a nasal tube. Once he can swallow again, he can begin rebuilding his strength at a rehab facility.
  • Sammy Baggett is home and doing well (misses all of us!)
  • Becky Peer’s sister is doing better but Becky’s mother, Terry, needs our prayers
  • Justine’s family is doing better
  • Jose’s Aunt Nuna passed away. Our prayers to Jose and the whole family. Let us reach out to them with cards and calls as Jose and Bobby have continued to do so much for those in our community experiencing grief.
  • Jerome shares a glimpse of God that his sister, Carolyn, has improved from the flu (or whatever she had) immediately after her husband’s death and appreciates the prayers!
  • Alex HB’s brother’s co-worker tested negative for Covid-19, so we rejoice and continue to pray for him as he decides between risking exposure at work and making a living with his job.
  • We continue to pray for our members who are out of work and the continuing number we hear who are out of work
  • We continue to pray for those who are “on the front lines” working more than usual with more stress and less support and more exposure to others.
  • We pray for CORA food pantry, Hospitals, Grocery Stores and other organizations doing their very best to attend to the many needs of our sisters and brothers. May God continue to help us all creatively share resources with one another so that everyone has what they need.
Prayers for Members and Attenders

Jean Fesperman (Cambridge Hills) ✦ Shirley Lindley (doing “okay” and is at home surrounded by her loving children—they appreciate the many calls, cards and expressions of love from PPC) ✦ Keith Graham (Keith is doing okay, and got some requested Diet Dr. Pepper 3.16.20, always appreciates cards) ✦ Diana Haywood ✦ Roy Forrest✦ Justine & family (kids sick) ✦ Members & family who are losing their jobs because restaurants are take-out only ✦ Stuart Smith (having a very hard job at the hospital—Thanks for your service!) ✦ Cathy’s Granddaughter Ellie (has felt sick) ✦ Geneva (working 12hr night shifts) ✦ Charlie Kirk (continuing to avoid virus and strengthen in recovery in Hillsboro facility)  ✦  Jose (beloved aunt passed)

Prayers for Family and Friends

Geneva Mansfield ✦ Sammy Baggett (Millie Cason’s grandson) home now ✦ Diane Tilgner ✦ Julia Leonard ✦ Jackson Family (Diana Haywood’s friend)  ✦ Sarah Harlan (Diana Haywood’s niece) ✦ Mino & Tony Figueroa (Efrain Ramirez’s sister and brother-in-law) ✦ Roberta Marasca ✦ Lincoln Family (Farrell’s friends) ✦ Carolyn (Jerome’s sister, was in hospital with her husband when he passed this week and no visitors are currently allowed to come comfort her. Now she has pneumonia.) ✦ Rich & family (Evan’s friend who lost father) ✦ Alex Haynes-Buob’s brother (high risk for virus) ✦ Ellen Grand’s mother, Sara McDonald (was in the ER with heart / high blood pressure issues…stable now, but appreciates prayers) ✦ Heather Doerr’s mother and daughter have the flu ✦ family and loved ones of those involved in Moncure shooting ✦ Terry Peer (Becky Peer’s mother on hospice)

Celebrating the Birthdays of

Howard Staley ✦ Libby Parins ✦ Sarah Anne Murrell ✦ Bob Allen ✦ Betsy Cockman


Our picture directories are nearly ready. A current version will be sent out by email (and USPS mail for those who don’t use email) next week so you can stay connected to one another by calls, cards and emails.


Although some of our adult ministries are suspended due to Covid-19, our book club continues to meet. Grief Share is evaluating meeting on a weekly basis. Learn the latest on our Events Calendar. If you are interested in worshipping in a small group of less than 10, contact Rev. Evan with your interest in case this is possible in the next weeks.   


Join Young Disciples weekly Sunday School at 10:30am on Zoom and Facebook live. 

Kids can also join Zoom gatherings with others who used to attend Kids Fun Nights. (see Events Calendar)

On March 19, PPC hosted a special video call for those who wanted to reconnect with each other in place of our typical Kids Fun Nights. We spoke about our various talents. Some kids shared dancing and one shared her artwork. Thanks to Olivia for sharing her art with all of us (below). All kids are welcome to share art by emailing Evan or Heather at the church (just ask your parent’s permission first).


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