April News & Updates

Greetings friends!

Thanks for continuing to embody Christ’s church in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pittsboro Presbyterian will continue our online worship through much or all of May, so plan on staying home until you hear other instructions or options in future newsletters. Thank you for helping save lives by staying at home (if work allows) and staying distant from one another so that we share only Christ’s loving gospel — and not Covid-19 — with our beloved community and loved ones.

Many thanks to our staff for working hard throughout this crisis. Heather and her mother made and delivered 130 handmade cards of encouragement to The Laurels on our behalf (see below)! Alex HB is donating her pay this month to help the church. Our treasurers come in to faithfully count and deposit your generous gifts each week.

Last week, we sent 130 handmade cards to residents at The Laurels of Chatham, many of whom have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

You can send cards to:
Activity Department at The Laurels
72 Chatham Business Drive, Pittsboro, NC 27312

Join Spirituality and Personality Seminar

Evan invites you to join an interactive online seminar on the Personality and Spirituality material he learned over 15 weeks of continuing education in 2018-2019. Simply visit this page and you can 1) watch a video about it 2) read a book about it and 3) sign up to join a follow-up zoom call discussing the material. Evan is also inviting leaders in our presbytery to join with an emphasis in self-care, so please feel free to share this with anyone you know who might be interested.

Thanks for your giving!

Thanks to your generous giving, our congregation continues to show glimpses of God to the community without reductions in staff and continues to provide many of our services. 12 have pledged, 6 have given online (some recurring), 5 have given their entire pledge for the year already and most of you have helped us financially this year. Thank you so much for giving your prayer, money and support as you are able! Thanks also to those experiencing financial hardships who continue participating and lifting Christ’s ministry up in prayer! Click below to read more specifics.

Mother’s Day: Foods that Connect us to Mom

In preparation for Mother’s Day on May 10, 2020, please send in pictures, stories and video accounts of favorite foods that have a special connection with your mom. You can share recipes, pictures, cooking videos, finished products…but most important: share a little story of how this food served as a connection with your mother. You can send this stuff to Evan by May 6th so we can share it in our worship service video on May 10th.

Note / Update from PC (USA) Mission Co-worker, Karla Koll


“Grace and peace to you in these difficult days. I hope this note finds things well with your congregation. I am glad to be able to follow you on Facebook. Back in February I wrote a letter to the mission committee to thank your congregation for your support during 2019. So much has changed since I wrote that letter, but God’s mission continues.”  -Karla Koll


Thanks: to everyone tuning in today, giving to the church & sending in videos of greeting / passing peace!

Some of the references for today’s sermon:

John Stanger’s devotional for Palm Sunday

Please stay tuned as we announce Maundy Thursday and Good Friday plans in the next few days 🙂 Please continue to stay safe!


Greetings friends!

New Live-Streaming Worship
Pittsboro Presbyterian has redoubled its efforts to help you connect with God and others without contributing to the spread of Covid-19 in our community. In addition to the interactive Weekly Messengerrecorded worship services, and multiple live-streaming opportunities for kids, our recent survey found there is interest in live-streaming worship.

This Sunday, we will live-stream on Zoom and Facebook at 11am for the regular worship service. More specific times and plans for Holy Week and Easter are forthcoming since many aspects of the “who, what, when, where and how” have changed. One thing that never changes, however, is God’s amazing love you, me and all of humanity.

 10:30am Sunday PPC KIDS’ TIME

  • zoom video call (be heard & seen)
  • watch on facebook

 11am Sunday PPC WORSHIP

  • join by zoom video call 
  • watch on facebook

 Serving Many in Need

  • quite a few of our members work in the hospital and heath-services sector and are working hard, long hours with little relief in sight.
  • several of our members are out of work right now as shops and dine-in services are closed.
  • Our local CORA food pantry was already trying to serve 20,000 in Chatham facing hunger before the crisis. They estimate there will be an additional 15,000-20,000 who need food now or soon.
    • PPC has given our 2020 donation to CORA all-at-once so they can make use of it immediately.
    • Catherine Betts, Jennifer McNeil (to name a few) have volunteered at CORA where volunteers are desperately needed. A half-dozen others from PPC have made personal donations to CORA.
    • consider volunteering or giving a donation to CORA’s food pantry.

3.22.20 Weekly Messenger

Greetings friends!

Following the recommendations of our presbytery and the CDC, as it looks now we will likely suspend PPC’s regular communal worship until May 10. (The session will talk about this along with various options at our video meeting, Monday 3.23.20).

Meanwhile, enjoy our new weekly MESSENGER with updated ways to LAUGH, find PEACEREACH OUT, HEAR the WORD, and RESPOND (visit in any order). Click on each of the words to access special content. As you’ll see in the RESPOND section, your interaction is vital!

Know this: You are very loved and very needed. Help be the church by praying for one another and reaching out to one another!

Tip: Get back to the WEEKLY MESSENGER page by clicking on the header. Navigate to the weekly worship video by clicking on Hear the WORD below or use the other links below to interactively connect to God, neighbor & yourself throughout the week!


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