Drum roll, please! [drum-drum-drum-roll-roll-roll]

We are super excited to announce the joyful news of the launch of our awesome ECO KID LIBRARY. This one-of-a-kind collection of eco-centered books for children and youth is the brain-child of Eco-Justice team member and former librarian, Debbie Mansfield. Curating the library containing over 50 wonderful books (as of this post) was a labor of love and a true gift from the heart.

Commenting on the creation and purpose of this unique library, Debbie says:

An important aspect of being an Earth Care Congregation is education. The Eco-Justice team of Pittsboro Presbyterian Church will endeavor to focus on this aspect with a collection of children’s books. We acknowledge that addressing climate change with children can be a challenge. With the help of picture books it is possible to be open about these difficult issues while instilling in our children values reflecting environmental justice and sustainable living.”

 With the assistance of Pastor Evan and Administrative Assistant Heather even the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t able to scuttle the operation of the new library. With the church building pretty much on lock-down, they came up with a means of on-line ordering with personal delivery by church volunteers. You can learn all the details by visiting the church website and clicking on the ECO KID LIBRARY button on the top of the main page (right next to the ECO-JUSTICE BLOG button).

It couldn’t be easier to get your hands on one (or more) of these books from this truly amazing collection. Once you visit the site and click on a picture of the book cover, you’ll be able to read a short description of the contents to help you decide which one/s to choose. We think that this is such a great learning resource that we encourage folks to spread the word far and wide. This library is for anyone in the community, not just members of the congregation. So, until it becomes safe and prudent to visit the library in person, go instead to our website and place your orders for free delivery. Shazam!