In the existential battle of our lifetime, sparing all living things from the worse case scenario of unfettered global warming, some of the fiercest and most passionate front line warriors are none other than… Mothers.

On the observance of Mothers’ Day 2021, today’s blog post recognizes and celebrates the driving force of motherly love. The gospel text for this Sunday (John 15:9-17) is pregnant with God’s infinite and incarnate love for all creation and the call for humanity to bear unspoiled fruit befitting such selfless and unconditional love. So often the signs of this Godly love are seen in the lives of women who offer their own lives in service to the children they nurture in order that they may mature into the grace-driven individuals God intends them to be. To them we owe our gratitude for revealing God’s loving and ongoing presence to our world today.

As you read this post and follow the links embedded herein, you’ll become better acquainted with some motherly organizations and individuals who are dedicated to confronting the forces and agents that perpetuate rather than alleviate the damage humans cause to Earth’s Eco-systems and all life forms dependent upon them. Hopefully you’ll also become inspired by them and motivated to enter the fray along with them.

Science Moms

Clicking HERE will take you to the website of “Science Moms.” Upon arriving atop their home page you’ll get a humorous (yet serious) introduction to Science Moms and their call to use your “Outside Voice.” Why? Because time is of the essence and Later is Too Late” when it comes to slowing global warming and all its unjust and unsavory consequences.

Next, by clicking on the Who We Are button, you will be introduced to the (I’m referring to them as the “Notorious Nine”) founders of Science Moms. Take a few minutes to watch their short video introductions and learn about what moves them to be activist Science Moms.

I was already acquainted with Science Mom, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, and her work as a renown Christian climate scientist. Her bio mentions that she is the host of the PBS digital series, Global Weirding: Climate, Politics and Religion. If you aren’t already familiar with this fascinating series, you’ll want to give it a look by clicking HERE. It is an enlightening and entertaining animated production. Time spent watching each episode is an efficient and effective means of increasing one’s understanding of the truth (facts) and consequences (negative outcomes) of global warming and climate change. And for a more in depth look at Katharine Hayhoe click on this recent article by Gina Ciliberto.

Mothers Out Front

The “Mothers Out Front” (MOF) website has added a special section for Mothers’ Day 2021 where staff share stories of mothers in their communities who inspire them. That’s a good place to begin with this organization by clicking HERE. Once on that page, you’ll also want to scroll down to see the charming Mothers Day messages from kids.

Along with a fellow PPC Eco-Justice Team member, Charlie Cooper, I serve on the Chatham County Climate Change Advisory Committee. In that capacity, we are encouraging County Commissioners and Staff to move toward electrification of the county school bus fleet (as well as other county vehicles). Therefore, I was interested in the story on the MOF website about how the chapter in Fairfax VA was instrumental in getting legislation passed that will convert school buses in the Commonwealth of Virginia from diesel to all electric. That news release from March 2 can be seen HERE.

While there are currently chapters in only a handful of states, it is apparent from reviewing the entire website that MOF is a powerful cadre of Moms that are true change agents in their communities and increasingly on a national level.

Mom’s Clean Air Force

May the Force be with you! This year “Mom’s Clean Air Force” is celebrating its strength as a vital activist organization that has topped a million members (1,280,817 as of this post). Their mission statement: We are a community of over one million moms and dads united against air pollution – including the urgent crisis of our changing climate – to protect our children’s health.

I first became aware of the work of Mom’s Clean Air Force a half dozen years ago during a climate change seminar at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences where Katharine Hayhoe was also a panelist. You can learn about their unrelenting work via their website by clicking HERE. And to find out about the North Carolina chapter (which is now over 69,000 members strong) and become involved, click HERE. Once there you will be able to view a replay of a Juneteenth 2020 Conversation: Let Us Breathe.

With the “mother of all planetary crises” staring us in the face, we need all the motherly love we can muster to motivate all of us to use our outside voice to call out and call upon decision makers to act responsibly now because later is just too late.