Those of us who are a bit ‘nerdy’ about the Church’s liturgical calendar will recognize today, October 4, as the Feast of Saint Francis, the patron Saint of the environment and animals. It is a fitting marker to conclude the month long emphasis of the ‘Season of Creation’ which the congregation of Pittsboro Presbyterian Church observed along with other Christians around the world.

This past Sunday we placed our own exclamation mark at the end of our journey through the ‘Season of Creation’ with an outdoor ‘Worship in the Wild’ service, meal and nature hike at the Seaforth recreation area at Jordan Lake State Park. Creation Justice team member, Connie McAdams, began the service by recounting for us the history of the land and the Seaforth community prior to the creation of Jordan Lake reservoir. Our friend Rev. Denise Honeycutt preached on the ‘Season of Creation’ theme passage from Amos 5:24. Creation Justice team member, Connor Jarvis, presented the children’s homily, and we passed out a guided meditation that he created for a nature walk. People were encouraged to go on a ‘Spiritual Scavenger Hunt’ and bring something back to “show and tell” at next Sunday’s worship service.

For my contribution to the “show and tell,” I chose to take photos during our hike along the Seaforth nature trail and share them in this blog post. This easy 1.4 mile trail through the woodland and shores of Jordan Lake is a scenic delight, and especially at this time of year for the variety of mushrooms that appear along the trail. So, come along on the photo journey until you can make the trek on foot yourself.

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